Becoming Data-Driven Just Got Easier. 


Our model connects your Finance to Operations, adding data and metrics that power the decisions that drive profits.


Data-Supported Strategy

We build and maintain the forecast that serves as the hub of your business decisions.  We’ll help you model as many scenarios as needed to identify the most profitable strategies and tactics.


Data-Driven Accountability

We’ll create and update scorecards that deliver visibility of trends and progress towards key goals, helping you drive accountabilty across your business.


Data-Backed Decision Making

With enhanced operational visbility, your business will make decisions faster and with more confidence leading to quicker and more effective adjustments.

Becoming Data-Driven is Hard.

Remaining Data-Driven is Harder. 

Our Model simplifies how your business – and your culture – become data-driven.

Transforming an organization from the status quo to a data-driven organization requires intentionality. We understand the challenge because we’ve grown and sold businessses that overcame obstacles that were inhibiting our growth. Once we changed our mindset from ”Making Assumptions” to “Decisions from Evidence,” our business transformed and allowed us to scale at a rate that fundamentally changed the trajectory of the businesses. This transformation led to faster decision making, improved product/client fit, increased employee retention, better reporting, and so much more.

Financial Planning Support

Scaling Business is our Passion!

“Our expertise became the standard & our process became the model that we perfected leading to multiple 9-Figure business exits.”

Enter the next phase of Data Maturation?

To compete, your business must evolve.

Optimally facilitates your move into the next phase of data-driven maturity.

Whether you’ve been in business for days or decades, your company lives within one of the below phases of data-driven decision making. For SMB’s, advancing data’s role within the decision making process of their organizations is often an insurmountable task. This limitation leads to frustration, stagnation, hinders growth & fuels uncertainty.

Optimally simplifies the process of advancing data’s role within companies looking to scale. Our model moves your business into the next phase of data maturity, adding operational efficiency, testing capabilities, financial planning, data collection, evidence-based decision making, strategic initiative prioritization, accountability & scalability.


How Data-Driven is Your Business?

Business Success has been attained through sheer grit & determination.  Data only exists when you receive something from your accountant.

  • Gut Instinct
  • Manual Reporting
  • Inconsitent Updating
  • No visibilty into business results other than end results
  • Revenue plateau

Leadership understand that becoming data-driven is key for business growth, but infrastructure and culture for it doesn’t exist yet.


  • New data collection efforts emerge
  • Seeking internal personnel to support decision making efforts
  • Diffcult time with accountability and execution
  • Incremental growth

Data collection mechanisms and personnel in place, business is measurable.


  • KPIs and supporting metrics exist
  • Data-Driven decisions are being made
  • Leaders require data before decisions are finalized
  • Starting to test hypotheses within the business

Your organization uses data throughout the organization as the basis for strategy, tactics and decision making.


  • Data drives best practice and changes at your company
  • You are competing more effectively and more deeply
  • ML/AI can amplify operations and sales velocity
  • Lower risk profile for development of new products and features

Client Testimonials

Seeing the data made it possible for us to finally pull the trigger on some strategic decisisions that had been around for literally years.  We’re now smarter about the business.

Dr. Chloe Steinshouer

Physician, Pulmonary and Sleep Consultants of Kansas

“The best part of the forecast was it make crystal clear to me what we needed to do and where our resources needed to go.”

Dr. Toby Houchens

Founder, Alpha Recon

“The bankers specifically cited the forecast as the primary reason behind the unexpectedly fast processing on the bridge loan.”

Shomari Benton

Co-Founder, 2000 Vine

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