Helping Physicians Utilize Data to Improve Business Outcomes

About this Engagement

A common structure within medical practices is multiple physicians/owners and a business manager all working with a primary focus on patient care. While patient care should come first, this often leads to an ever-widening gap between patient satisfaction and the operations and processes in place that provide for a great experience.  This imbalance is the result of time constraints and limitations aroudn the prioritization of data and its use for patient care vs. business efficiency. 

Financial planning tools

The PSCK ownership group turned to Optimally to help them identify, source, produce and structure the necessary financial and operational data to create reporting that brought visibility into the business and facilitated quick decisions backed by evidence. Physician/owners, like Dr. Chloe Steinshouer, can finally feel confident about the financial and operational impact of their decisions, and can proactively plan for more “what if” scenarios. Dr. Chloe explained, “We use data to guide critical decisions when restoring lung health to patients. We needed the same level of business data and interpretation of that data to build a better practice. We weren’t willing to make decisions in the past about changes to the business because we weren’t sure what the impacts could be, so we just kept doing what we were doing.”

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